Scratch & Win

  • May 14, 2024
  • Tea lovers, listen up! \"🍵\" Did you know awesome surprises are waiting for you in every Alpine Tea bag? Get set to scratch and win some cool prizes with each sip!

    \"🎁\" From cash to cool gadgets, there\'s something for everyone! Picture winning a fancy TV, a shiny new washing machine, or even the latest smartphone! Plus, there\'s more – you could also snag a trendy cycle, a smart watch, an iron, or a cooker!

    \"✨\" Just enjoy your Alpine Tea and scratch to reveal your prize. It\'s that easy! Whether you\'re a tea fan or just looking for some fun, Alpine Tea\'s scratch and win is sure to add excitement to your day.

    So, why wait? Grab your Alpine Tea today, take the taste test, and let the winning begin! Don\'t miss out on these awesome prizes with every sip. Cheers to tea and surprises! \"🎁\"\"🍵\"
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